Blog Ten: Pine Ridge Co-op President Porter communicates clearly in local/national press

Catherine Porter is fast becoming the most widely-quoted co-op member in the media on You Hold the Key Campaign issues. The Pine Ridge Co-op president (and former CHF BC president) was featured along with her husband Glen in their local community newspaper, the Burnaby NOW, on Feb. 17 about what the end of operating agreement will mean to their community. She was so clear and concise that she was the obvious choice for Globe and Mail financial reporter Bill Curry for his article on March 4, “How Ottawa's surpluses count on cuts to social housing.” (Which you can read online if you're a Globe and Mail subscriber.)

Curry’s piece chronicles the challenges the Big City Mayors Caucus of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities face to get action out of the federal government on affordable housing. Porter is quoted expressing the anxiety many co-op members feel as the clock ticks down and the politicians continue to argue.

“At the social housing properties, tenants just hope someone steps in. Catherine Porter, who is president of Burnaby's Pine Ridge Housing Co-operative, notes British Columbia has not yet made any promises. Ms. Porter's co-op includes 25 households that will lose their mortgage subsidies from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation on Jan. 1, 2018,” Curry writes.

‘"They're very scared," she said. "This is their home and they're actually in danger of losing their homes."’

What’s next? Perhaps TV will come calling. We’ll keep you posted on Porter’s progress...