Blog entry 100: It’s a heavy-metal concert for the Key Campaign

It’s only fitting that the YHTK Campaign’s 100th blog entry (our Platinum Jubilee in social media terms) has three golden news-nuggets worthy of a centennial. Which just goes to show what can be achieved when we all act in concert – especially a heavy-metal concert.

News-nugget one: Wanna know why it’s so important to pressure the politicians seeking civic seats to fix the co-op housing crunch? Then check out this editorial by Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada's Executive Director, Nicholas Gazzard, in the Winnipeg Free Press.

News-nugget two: A little closer to home, the Key Campaign got a little advance ink from the New Westminster Newsleader on the co-ops meeting we’re holding in the Royal City on October 23 at Westminster Landing. And don’t forget to sign up for this Key Campaign event.

News-nugget three: Yaana Dancer and the rest of the folks at Sitka Co-op know how to go the extra mile to back up the Key Campaign. In late-September, the co-op members unanimously passed a resolution supporting the campaign. Now, Yaana’s made sure their local elected officials get the message by writing both the federal and BC housing ministers, the riding MP and MLA and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberston informing them of the facts. That’s the kind of follow-through we need to make the campaign a success. How about it, Co-op Nation?

And, this just in: hot on Sitka's heels, Spring Ridge Co-op in Victoria passed a resolution and let us know this morning.

Follow Sitka and Spring Ridge’s examples and show some resolve!