Blog entry 115: Call the Key Campaign a DoGooder and spread the co-op housing crunch news by views!

The Key Campaign isn’t afraid to be called a DoGooder -- in fact, we want you to do just that. We’ve entered the You Hold the Key Campaign’s video on the co-op housing crunch into the 2015 DoGooder Video Awards contest. DoGooder is an online and live event platform designed to foster collaboration, strengthen community, and showcase innovation in impact video. Hosted by YouTube, the DoGooder National Awards attract thousands of participants from across the globe who support social causes and the compelling stories of people making change in the world.

The co-op crunch video (which premiered at the CHF BC AGM last November) has been entered in the Best Non-profit Video Award category, which is awarded to the best overall video created by a non-profit organization. Voting begins on Feb. 17, so watch the video, mark your calendars and prepare to vote.

More important than winning, by entering the video in this contest, the Key Campaign has yet another platform on which to broadcast our message that government has to act to protect the most vulnerable co-op members caught in the co-op housing crunch. This site is viewed by thousands of people (including a lot of opinion-shapers) in B.C. and all over the world. So c’mon and do some gooder for your fellow co-op members!