Blog entry 116: Golden Horseshoe CHF gets lucky with golden key

We have a sort of cottage industry here at the Key Campaign. As more and more co-operative housing federations launch co-op housing crunch campaigns of their own, they find themselves looking for that big, shiny, golden key to the co-op that so many CHF BC members have posed with. Well, those kinds of keys don’t grow on trees. We have a crack team of key creators who work at an undisclosed location to custom-build each one by hand — okay, there are a few power tools involved. Anyhow, the folks at the Golden Horseshoe CHF asked for their own key and of course, we said yes. As luck would have it, the key arrived just on time for their AGM on Saturday and Dave Smart from GHCHF sent this picture along with thanks.

GHCHF is the collective voice for housing co-ops and associated organizations in the Hamilton/Niagara Regions with 52 members. And now GHCHF holds the key! Go get ‘em, Golden Horseshoe!