Blog entry 120: Throne Speech silent on housing, so make some noise at the February Member Forum!

Today was the BC Speech from the Throne, held in Victoria as all the MLAs got back to work in the House. Not that the word “house” or “housing” appeared in the speech -- at least not in relation to “affordable.” There was a lot about LNG and the economy, but the Throne Speech was silent on the affordable housing crisis in general and the co-op housing crunch in particular. All the more reason to come to the CHF BC Member Forum on Feb. 16. You’ll hear a lot about the jam our most vulnerable members are in and you’ll get a chance to make some noise about it by learning how to write your own radio ad calling on the government to act now. So sign up and break the silence!

BTW, another way to make some noise about the co-op housing crunch is to pass the resolution (link) supporting the You Hold the Key campaign. So far, 33 B.C. housing co-ops have shown some resolve. Join the resolution revolution and let Housing Minister Rich Coleman know you care about seniors, single parents, people with disabilities and other low-income co-op members who need a little help to stay in their homes.