Blog entry 122: BC Budget Day no Mardis Gras for affordable housing, Member Forum sees co-ops air their messages


It was BC Budget Day today and unfortunately, “affordable housing” didn’t get a mention in the budget speech by Finance Minister Mike de Jong. On the other hand, Housing Minister Rich Coleman got a nice increase in his housing budget (as opposed to Liquefied Natural Gas) of some $40 million, and that’s a good sign. Now, how do we think he’ll spend it? Well, we have a few ideas...


...those ideas were kicked around at last night’s Member Forum. We had nearly 40 folks there and we put them to work in an exercise to populate the airwaves. We asked them to write a radio ad designed to encourage more co-ops to pass the resolution supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign. To give them an example, we staged a live radio ad performance by the YHTK Campaign Team with special guests from CHF Canada. And guess what? We got some great clips — as usual, CHF BC has a deep talent pool. So let’s show some resolution and convince Minister Coleman to use that extra $40 million wisely on a rent supplement program for low-income co-op members like seniors, single-parents and others.