Blog 27: Went to a garden party...that’s a Richmond, Granville Gardens party, April 28

Okay, “went” is the wrong tense -- should be “going to,” but then the allusion to Ricky Nelson’s 1972 pop classic “Garden Party” wouldn’t work. But I don’t think Granville Gardens Co-op will mind -- the important thing is not the past, but the future tense, as in “be sure to mark your calendar,” and do it in the present because you don’t want to miss this meeting for all Richmond co-op members. If it’s anything like the Burnaby meeting last month at Halston Hills, you’re in for a great evening of campaign updates, brain-storming and hands-on campaign strategizing. We may even lend the folks at Granville Gardens the campaign cookie cutters...

Richmond Co-ops You Hold the Key Campaign meeting

April 28, 7:00 p.m.

Granville Gardens Co-op

1-6800 Lynas Lane, Richmond, BC