Blog 29: You’re entering the Subsidy Twilight Zone...

More proof of life imitating art -- and doing it badly. The YHTK Campaign team thought it would be a great idea to promote the “It’s the End (of Agreement) As We Know It!” video contest by performing a live version of the sample script (link here) we wrote. So with a little help from Gaye Bissett from CHF Canada and legal mind extraordinaire Geoffrey Dabbs, we stood up in front of the Education Conference at the Executive Hotel with our game-faces on and the video camera rolling to perform “The Subsidy Twilight Zone...”

Unfortunately, technologically-speaking we entered that dimension beyond sight and sound that Rod Serling was so fond of reminding us of -- a dimension where sight is in one dimension and sound in an altogether other parallel universe. The upshot is, the sound never recorded, so we were left with a silent movie version of the performance. Undaunted, we assembled at the CHF BC offices and tried to dub our voices onto the resulting digital video (I believe we used a hand-cranked wax cylinder recording device for the occasion). We were left with a healthy respect for those folks who actually do voiceovers for a living and a, er, unique visual product. If the looming prospect of the end of agreement as we know it has left you in need of a laugh, check out our sample video.

And don’t forget to enter the video contest! You could win a Nexus tablet. Contest closes April 30, so hurry!