Blog 49: Key campaign on a roll and coming to a co-op near you

From Ridge-Meadows to Richmond, co-op members are packing rooms and rolling up their sleeves as the You Hold the Key Campaign continues to build momentum.

Community meetings for co-op members have witnessed standing-room only crowds discuss what the end of federal operating agreements and loss of subsidy means for them. The latest meeting at Ford Road Co-op saw representatives from all six of the region’s co-ops among the 50-plus people packed into the room. Regional meetings have also been held in Richmond and Burnaby.

But that’s just the start! There are half a dozen other meetings in the works, including gatherings on the North Shore and in the Tri-Cities. And you don’t have to wait for Christmas to be in Killarney -- the Key Campaign has a date at the gardens on Thursday, June 26 for co-ops in southeast Vancouver.

In addition to regional meetings, the Key Campaign is going to individual co-op communities to provide campaign updates and mobilize the membership. Our next foray is in Burnaby at Misty Ridge Co-op. So make sure the lights are on in the common room, the coffee’s brewing and the chairs are set up -- the You Hold the Key Campaign is coming to a co-op near you soon!