Blog 56: Hey, Tri-Cities co-ops! Listen to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss!

Note to all Tri-Cities co-ops: Listen to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's “Please read the letter!”

We need you to look for the big white envelope from CHF BC that contains the posters advertising the YHTK Campaign Tri-Cities Co-ops meeting on June 19, 7pm at Falcon Crest Estates Co-op in Coquitlam. Rip it open, take out the four or five letter-sized posters inside and make sure to plaster the common room and bulletin boards with ‘em. Better yet, feel free to photo-copy them and put them under everyone’s door -- because everyone’s invited!

That’s right -- every co-op member in the Tri-Cities is invited to this crucial meeting. You need to hear about how the end of subsidy for low-income co-op members affects you (and it does, even if you’re not on subsidy). You also have to send a message to Housing Minister Rich Coleman that you care about these most vulnerable members of your co-op community. The best way to do that is to pack the room to capacity.

So c’mon, you Tri-Cities' letter openers! You may be the co-op treasurer, you might be the president or a volunteer tasked with checking the mail. Don’t wait, check the mail now and make Robert and Alison happy: Please read the letter, and nail it to your door!