Blog 62: Go the extra mile to show you care -- let ‘em hear you on the Legislature Lawns, Victoria co-ops!

Folks in Victoria care. Especially co-op members. I worked in Victoria covering the Legislature for years and I know most people in the City of Gardens would give you the shirt off their backs. They’re also willing to walk a mile in your shoes -- or their own -- for a good cause. Well, here’s your chance...

The You Hold the Key campaign is holding a meeting for all Greater Victoria area co-ops at Seawalk Housing Co-op on July 8 (get details and sign-up here). 

Seawalk is almost exactly one mile from the B.C. Legislature, just a shout across the Inner Harbour. You can practically see the Legislature lawns. This is your opportunity to make enough noise about the loss of subsidy facing our most vulnerable members to be heard on the Legislative lawn.

So come on! Join us as we rally to protect seniors, single parents, people with disabilities and new Canadians caught in the affordability crunch. Find out what you can do to help. And let’s pack the room and send a loud, clear message across the water so the decision-makers like Housing Minister Rich Coleman just a mile away can hear you. We’re right in the government’s backyard: let them know you share it. All co-op members welcome!