Blog 63: Takes a village like Seawalk Co-op to kick off the Key Campaign on the Island

(VICTORIA) It takes a village to stage an event like this and Seawalk Co-op is firing on all cylinders -- and all generations.

The You Hold the Key Campaign held its first big event on Vancouver Island last night at Seawalk in Victoria West and it was a real team effort. The older kids (wearing bright reflective vests) were busy directing traffic and helping folks park their cars. A trio of musicians played folk tunes on the patio outside the common room.

And in addition to the key-shaped cookies, there were bundles of fresh herbs and lavender for people to take home with them -- a gift from the green-thumbed gardeners that make this co-op such a blooming great place to live.

It’s also a great place to hold an event. It’s remarkable that the turnout was so great -- the room was full to over-flowing and people were sitting out on the patio, peering in through the windows as the meeting unfolded. A beautiful, sunny day in Victoria and over 30 people representing 10 co-ops showed up because they care about their neighbours and their communities.

And these folks are engaged. They want to send Housing Minister Rich Coleman the message that he has to protect seniors, single parents, people with disabilities and new Canadians caught in the affordability crunch. Rich, your letter box is about to get a lot more full. Sorry, we ran out of herb bouquets -- next meeting for sure...