Blog entry 75: It’s the 3M menu this weekend at Key BBQs

Here’s a bill of fare for that post-it note on the fridge -- it’s the 3M menu this weekend at a pair of Key campaign BBQs. We got MLA, MPs and Mayor (well, deputy mayor) lined up for a gentle grilling on the Key issues. MLA George Heyman (Vancouver Fairview) and MP Libby Davies (Vancouver East) are on Quebec Manor Co-op’s plate Saturday while MP Kennedy Stewart and Burnaby Deputy Mayor Councillor Colleen Jordan are being hosted at Misty Ridge Co-op. Co-op members and the Key Campaign Team will be on hand to make sure they have food for thought as well as salmon and smokies to chew on.

How about you? Summer’s back and now’s the time to turn up the heat on your local elected representatives. Check out our guide to grilling your MLA.