Blog entry 98: There’s no place like dome

The Key campaign is all about keeping the roofs over co-op members’ heads and today, the team gained a new appreciation for the old adage “there’s no place like dome.” To celebrate Co-op Week, the campaign had a table at the Grandview Park gathering. The BBQ bash hosted by the BC Co-operative Association (BCCA) and The Co-operators was great -- lots of folks asking about co-ops and the campaign, free popcorn and apples and lots of co-operative organizations promoting their products and principles.

And we were all very thankful for the big dome tent provided by The Co-operators that kept the rain off. Kudos to them and to BCCA Community Engagement Coordinator Sherese Johnson for staging this community-based event.


Photo: Carnival band musician - and Grace MacInnis Housing Co-op member - Carol poses with the You Hold the Key Campaign "mini-mag" under the Co-operators' dome.