Blog Nine: Government’s Wheel of Fortune lands on $60 million/year for affordable funding

If this were a TV game show, we’d feel a little like a contestant on Wheel of Fortune who’d just won big in the bonus round. On Tuesday, Housing Minister Rich Coleman and his federal counterpart Candice Bergen announced more money for affordable housing programs. How much more? A lot more: $300 million over five years, with $60 million a year of that earmarked for supporting and enhancing new and existing housing programs – inducing rental assistance programs.

To us here at the You Hold the Key Campaign, The Price is Right. This is a significant increase that will benefit many British Columbians who are in Jeopardy of losing the rent assistance that currently makes their homes affordable (like those living in co-ops whose federal operating agreements are ending soon). So, Rich, about those enhanced rental assistance programs: Let’s Make a Deal! Right now, there’s no program in place for the seniors, disabled and single-parent co-op members who rely on federal rent subsidies to stay in their homes. So let’s not have a Family Feud – let’s work together and Beat the Clock, because time is running out...

If you want to read more check out the government’s affordable housing announcement.