Blog 36: Full house in Richmond, caring council in Burnaby

It was a tale of two cities Monday night, April 28, as the campaign held events in both Burnaby and Richmond.

(BURNABY) A team of co-op volunteers presented Burnaby City Council with the Key to the Co-op as a symbol of our appreciation for their support the campaign. Catherine and Glen Porter of Pineridge Housing Co-op, Lil Cameron from Halston Hills and CHF Canada Director Glen Armstrong  presented Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan with the key (and thanks to Pat McClain, CHF Canada Director, for taking photos).

Not only did council appreciate the golden thank you, Mayor Corrigan said some very nice things about co-ops being a big part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis. Check out the video! - April 28 meeting "Delegations" link. The clip starts about 34 minutes in.

(RICHMOND) Granville Gardens Co-op’s common room was full to overflowing Monday as nearly 40 people took part in the campaign’s second community co-op public meeting. Just like the previous event in Burnaby, the Richmond gathering saw CHF BC Executive Director, Thom Armstrong, outline the challenges and express optimism that, with the help of co-op members, we’ll find a solution to the co-op housing crunch.

During the brainstorming session, lots of good ideas were tossed around – all of them aimed at getting the attention of Rich Coleman (Minister Responsible for Housing). And the meeting was attended by a reporter from Sing Tao, so we look forward to some more media coverage for the campaign. We’ll keep you posted.