Blog 25: Enter the “It’s the end (of agreement) as we know it!” video contest -- win a cool prize! Win a tablet! Make the difference!

Put yourself in the picture! The “It’s the end (of agreement) as we know it!” video contest gives you a chance to create a video that shows the challenges your community will face as the co-op housing crunch hits home. We want you to spell out in dramatic form what the loss of federal rent support for low-income members will mean to your housing co-op.

The winners will receive a cool prize (hint, it's a Nexus tablet). All eligible entries (see contest rules) will be posted to the CHF BC YouTube channel so decision-makers like Housing Minister Rich Coleman – and other housing co-op members – can see just what’s at stake. Get creative, keep it to two minutes or less and please follow the contest rules. Watch for a special lunchtime announcement about our contest at the Co-op Housing Education Conference this weekend. Then watch this blog for updates.