Blog 34: Key does double-duty this Monday to find solutions in Richmond/Burnaby

That big gold campaign key is doing double-duty on April 28. First, it’s going to unlock some solutions at the Richmond co-ops meeting at Granville Gardens. Then, it’s going to put a lock on the civic support we’ve received from Burnaby council. If we had one more event on the same day, we’d need a key chain. Here’s the latest:

RICHMOND: We’re half-way home, but eight is not enough when it comes to the You Hold the Key Campaign meeting for Richmond co-ops at Granville Gardens. So far, the campaign team has received sign-ups from eight of the 16 federally-funded co-ops affected by the end of subsidy issue. We’re half-way home -- let’s hit a home run and make Minister Coleman stand up and take notice! Please join us at 7:00 p.m. for a discussion about the facts and what you can do about this crucial issue. 

BURNABY: A delegation of CHF BC and CHF Canada reps will be presenting Burnaby City Council with the Key to the Co-op at 7:00 pm April 28 to thank council for their support for the campaign. The team of Burnaby co-op members includes Glen and Catherine Porter from Pine Ridge Co-op, Lil Cameron, Halston Hills Co-op, and CHF Canada Director Glen Armstrong, also a Pine Ridge member. Watch this blog for pix and updates.