Blog entry 125: 3,000 resolved co-op households make Coleman’s constituency office a crowded house

It’s starting to get awfully crowded in Rich Coleman’s constituency office — there are nearly 3,000 co-op households crammed into it and more on the way. That’s the number of households in the 34 housing co-ops that have passed a resolution supporting the Key Campaign.

Every time a B.C. housing co-op shows that kind of resolve and sends a copy of the motion to Mr. Coleman, it’s like having every single member of that community in the Minister’s Fort Langley-Aldergrove constituency office at once urging him to fix the co-op housing crunch.

So how about it? Let’s see if we can’t raise Rich’s roof and protect B.C.’s most vulnerable co-op households.  Show some resolution and convince Housing Minister Coleman we need a rent supplement program for low-income co-op members like seniors, single-parents and others. You hold the key!