Blog entry 127: Heritage Co-op becomes Number 35 in bid to prevent most vulnerable members from being shut out

It’s NHL trade Deadline Day and only appropriate we use a hockey metaphor for this post. The number 35 is a significant one, especially for supporters of both the Key Campaign and, well, hockey fans. Love him or hate him, Chicago Blackhawks goalie Tony (“Tony O”) Esposito wore number 35 and during a long, distinguished hockey career, set a number of records for shut outs. So it’s significant that Heritage Co-op in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Fairview Slopes has become co-op number 35 in B.C. to pass a resolution supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign. The folks at Heritage Co-op know that passing the resolution and getting behind the campaign is the surest way to ensure that our most vulnerable members are not shut out of their homes and can stay in the communities they’ve helped build for — in some cases — 35 years, as it happens. And I will note that Heritage Co-op has 36 households — a perfect segue into asking who will be the next co-op to Show some resolution and pass a motion backing the Key Campaign!