Blog entry 138: Haney Pioneer Village hosts Key Campaign

We have a line in one of our You Hold the Key Campaign presentations about it taking a village to raise a child and how co-ops are like big villages helping to educate our elected representatives on the co-op housing crunch. It’s not often we’re speaking to pretty much everyone in the co-op, but it sure felt like we were last Thursday when the Key Campaign made a stop in Maple Ridge at Haney Pioneer Village Co-op.

Haney Pioneer Village is an 84-household co-op and there were over 70 people packed into the common room for the GM. The folks were great hosts, eager to do more for the campaign and became the second co-op to slap an event sticker on the Key to the Co-op case. A big thank you to everyone out there and to co-op manager Glenda Pohl for arranging our visit.