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You Hold the Key Campaign Blog

26 October 2015
The Show Some Resolve! drive has hit the 113 mark with Eburne Landing and Marine Court Co-ops having passed resolutions supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign. Now if you look up the number 113 you... Read more
2 October 2015
If you look up what folks think of the meaning behind the number 111 you’ll find there’s a belief that when it shows up, it’s “a great sign of a golden opportunity” and... Read more
23 September 2015
Say “spectrum” and you might instantly think “rainbow,” which covers a glorious gamut of colours and hues. Each one of those colours is nice on its own, but put them all... Read more
21 September 2015
Salal is so ubiquitous on the West Coast that it’s described as the dominant ground-cover. And its berries have remarkable medicinal properties. So it’s exciting news that Salal Co-op in... Read more
18 September 2015
If you’ve every travelled up the old Cariboo Wagon Road, you’ll know that the 108 Mile Historic Site is a very special place, dedicated to showing just how you got the motherlode on the... Read more
16 September 2015
This is a really big day for the You Hold the Key Campaign. We got to make a presentation to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services on our proposed solution to the co-op... Read more
15 September 2015
Picture this: every single person in the District of Hope in Rich Coleman’s office demanding he fix the co-op housing crunch. Or the entire populations of Barriere, Chetwynd and Clearwater... Read more
10 September 2015
You can punctuate this milestone with an exclamation mark -- or any other kind of letter you wish. Yes, the Show Some Resolve! drive has hit the 104 co-ops mark. That’s 104 co-ops that... Read more
28 August 2015
Maple Ridge Council and Mayor Nicole Read are big supporters of the You Hold the Key Campaign -- so big, in fact, that they’ve put the Key Campaign on the agenda of B.C.’s biggest civic... Read more
25 August 2015
Campaigns can be a steep learning curve. Sometimes they’re like a crash-course in political and public engagement. And not just for the campaign team -- it’s a real education for a lot of... Read more