Election Blog Entry 15: Let your fingers do the talking -- virtual candidates’ forums and online asking via keyboard boost Key Campaign!

CHF BC President and Co-op Champion Patty Shaw let her fingers do the talking during the online all-candidate forum hosted by Victoria Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. Patty was among those emailing and tweeting questions to Victoria candidates, including Joanne Roberts (Green), Murray Rankin (NDP), and John Rizutti (Conservative). “Both Roberts and Rankin specifically mentioned replacing co-op subsidies,” Patty reports. Check out the forum for yourself.

BTW, there’s lots of ways to use online and social media resources to engage the candidates in your riding. Want to know where your candidate stands on federal funding for provincially-delivered rent supplement programs for low-income co-op members? Check out CHF Canada’s vote co-op housing website and email your candidate a question -- take a page from  Patty’s e-book and let your fingers do the talking.

And don’t forget -- on Oct. 19, vote co-op housing!