Election Blog Entry 17: Federal candidates weigh in on co-op housing crunch

The list of federal candidates weighing in on where they stand on the co-op housing crunch continues to grow. CHC BC Director Yuri Artibise was front and centre at the Federal Election Forum on Urban Issues held in Vancouver last week and heard views from three candidates on co-ops and the need for a federally-funded, provincially-delivered rent supplement program for low-income co-op members. Yuri counted Vancouver Centre Liberal Hedy Fry, Vancouver East Green candidate Wes Regan and Kennedy Stewart, NDP candidate for Burnaby South as supporting that position.

Want to find out where your candidate stands on federal funding for provincially-delivered rent supplement programs for low-income co-op members? Ask ‘em -- check out CHF Canada’s website and email your candidate a question.

And don’t forget -- on Oct. 19, vote co-op housing!