Election Blog Entry 18: Ink, air, pixels and streaming -- the Key Campaign has it covered!

If you want proof that the You Hold the Key campaign is on the election agenda, just look at all the ink, air, pixels and streaming video coverage being generated by our campaign to protect our most vulnerable co-op members.

Let’s start with the Big Picture ink -- you can check out some straight talk from CHF Canada Executive Director Nicholas Gazzard on the You Hold the Key campaign in today’s Globe and Mail. For some local news, you might like to know that our vote co-op housing meeting is making headlines in Saanich. Get the Key facts on our election event this Thursday.

For those of you who prefer your news online or on-air, visit CBC Radio News’ recap of the parties’ housing policies (which includes specific reference to subsidies for low-income co-op members). And if you want some video evidence, look no further than our own CHF BC You Hold the Key campaign Election page’s video section. Find out why Cliff Quinn from Kailasa and Tabitha Garcia and Lorraine D’Crus from Pioneer are votingcoophousing.ca.

Need more? Talk to us! Share you story and help us ensure whoever forms the next federal government that there’s funding from Ottawa to the provinces for provincial rent supplement programs for low-income co-op members caught in the co-op housing crunch!