Election Blog Entry 24: Co-op friendly candidates stampede to victory

Folks, Sheriff Don is mighty proud of ya! We asked you to round up a co-op posse and get as many members as possible to the polls to vote for candidates who support the You Hold the Key campaign. Well, the results speak for themselves. You helped to elect 229 MPs who put fixing the co-op housing crunch in to their party platforms. That’s an historic achievement. Now we have to make sure those MPs deliver on their promises. So keep watching the Key Campaign’s website for updates and suggestions on how you can help hold the new crop of MPs to their collective word. And thank you for holding the key in Election 2015!

Also, check out what Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau said about co-op housing just last week...

And BTW, co-op members from coast to coast to coast were involved in the Election 2015 You Hold the Key Campaign and can be proud of what they achieved. So it's only fitting to post a pic from the CHF Canada Annual Meeting held last summer in PEI. Delegates from across Canada donned hockey sweaters (okay, there was one Sakatchewan Roughriders jersey) to show while we may root for different sports franchises at times, we're all playing on the same team when it comes to protecting our most vulnerable members. So here's to you, Co-op Canada!