Beyond participation - building a foundation for real member involvement

Have you heard about the end of participation? A couple of years ago, we asked you if our traditional model of member participation has really given us the cost-effective, well-managed, well-governed housing co-ops we expected. And instead of roasting us for asking the question, many of you said that our traditional view of participation is more of a problem than a solution!

Well, now it's time to take the next step and talk about the best way for members to get involved in their co-ops. How can members really make a difference in the things that matter most, like planning for a strong future and building a co-op community?

More like a town hall than a workshop, this lively, interactive session will challenge you to explore these questions and more. So join us as we invite housing co-ops to ask themselves, "What are we doing for the rest of our lives?"

Available as a portable workshop

Good governance and principled leadership