Chairing: The Gateway to Good Governance (Updated) - Spring Education Conference 2018

We ask members to make big decisions about their co-ops at general meetings. The right chairperson will make sure that meeting business gets done and that the process is fair and legal. Take home some great chairing tips and have fun with chairing role play!

All too often member meetings go sideways and so does the business at hand.  Find out how you can use basic meeting procedures and the co-op’s own rules to complete the meeting agenda and make sure the process is fair and legal. Do you know how your members feel about the meetings you hold? It matters. It’s the chair’s job to create an inclusive and respectful forum where people feel safe and welcome to share their views. Respect and humour are key elements of any good meeting.

We’ll share some tips on how to make meetings a good experience for everyone. And we’ll practise what we’ve learned using small groups and role play.  We’ll also talk about how we can use meetings as an opportunity to celebrate community and how they can even be fun and filled with laughter!  If you’ve ever wished that you could be a more effective meeting chair, this session is for you.

Workshop facilitator: Kerry Panter
Kerry Panter’s work in the housing co-operative sector spans twenty-five years. As Member Services Director Kerry joins her CHF BC colleagues in providing support for Model Rules 2.0 and assisting co-ops with the challenge of end of operating agreements. Kerry often assists with the development of CHF BC governance materials. As a consultant, Kerry chairs meetings, facilitates governance workshops, and provides consultation and conflict resolution to co-ops experiencing difficulties.

April 14, 2018 - 9:30am - 12:30pm
Good governance and principled leadership
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