Co-op Housing Basics - Fall Education Conference 2017

Perfect for newer members, and not-so-new members responsible for new member orientation, this workshop will review everything that makes a housing co-op unique. Covering a brief history and the basic legal framework, as well as the distinct roles of members, boards, committees and staff, this workshop covers all the basics you need!

This workshop will give you and your members - both new and experienced - a chance to revisit what it means to live in a co-op.

This guide to co-op living is just what you need to update your co-op's orientation for new members.

Workshop facilitator - Doreen Aquino

Doreen has been involved in the co-op housing sector since 1994 when she moved into Dundee Court Housing Co-op where she served on many co-op committees and on the board of directors. She got involved as a delegate to CHF BC and CHF Canada serving on the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC) board and CHF Canada's Federations Committee. Doreen worked for a co-op management company for seven years as a co-ordinator and as a consultant. She has expertise in a broad spectrum of workshop topics.

October 28, 2017 - 2:45pm - 4:45pm
Co-op basics
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