Effective meetings

In a well-run co-op, meetings run smoothly. They're a place where things get done instead of done to you. Good meetings produce sound decisions and are a positive experience for members. Bad meetings don't get the work done and undermine morale.

We'll talk about how to prepare for and run meetings that meet your co-op's needs by focusing on the results you should expect. It's every member's job to make meetings as good as they can be. Whether it's a meeting of the board, committee or members, we'll learn about the keys to productive meetings:

  • preparing and organizing the agenda
  • chairing capably
  • taking minutes correctly
  • managing difficult situations
  • making meaningful decisions.

Before you know it, you'll have people leaving your meetings on time, feeling good and wanting to come back for more!

Available as a portable workshop

Good governance and principled leadership