Getting financial management right

The key to getting management right is good financial management. Without it you can't get the other management outcomes you need, like keeping the co-op full and in good repair, meeting your legal requirements, and supporting it all on a foundation of good governance.

Good financial managers understand the results they're looking for and know how to get them.

The board's job is to make sure the finances are well managed by qualified people. We'll show you how to:

  • adopt a workable budget each year
  • collect housing charges — all of them, on time, every time
  • protect your assets with good financial controls and insurance
  • make sure your bills are paid in full, on time
  • ensure that your books and financial records are kept up to date
  • understand and use your financial statements to make sound decisions and get good results
  • put sound capital plans and investment strategies in place, and
  • support your efforts with good policies and procedures.

You don't have to be an accounting expert to practise responsible financial management.  Let us show you how.


Available as a portable workshop
Sound management