Governance Tools (New) - Spring Education Conference 2018

Come and learn at least ten tools that you can use to contribute to successful
governance in your housing co-op. From a meeting agreement, to a member
satisfaction survey, an annual calendar to a good governance test - we have tried and tested tools to share!

Choosing the right tool for the job makes the difference between building a house that can withstand an earthquake and one that wouldn’t stand a chance. Don’t use any tools and you don’t have a house.

The same is true for effective governance in a housing co-op. Luckily we have tools for all the governance jobs, and we’re ready to share them with you!

Workshop facilitator: Sue Moorhead
Sue has worked with housing co-ops and federations for over 30 years. From 1997 to 2014, Sue was CHF BC's Education Program Director. An active member in her own housing co-op, Sue has served in various board and committee positions. Her sector board experience includes Rooftops Canada, the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and related organizations in Quebec. Sue has a thorough knowledge of co-op governance and management.


April 14, 2018 - 9:30am - 12:30pm
Good governance and principled leadership
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