A Healthy Co-op - NEW - Fall Education Conference 2017

Conflict is inevitable. It can be triggered from anywhere: hurt feelings, hostility between neighbours, misunderstandings, lack of information, poorly run meetings, contractor performance issues…the list goes on. This workshop will help you manage those challenging situations, constructively, and with long-term relationships in mind.

Co-op members that effectively manage conflict are vital to a positive healthy co-op. Learn how to effectively deal with inevitable conflicts.

be more effective in your interpersonal co-op communications, collaboration, and conflict management.

Come to this session to learn:

  1. How to constructively respond to conflict
  2. How to work together and problem-solve, better
  3. How to improve the quality of co-op relationships and interactions

Topics include:

  • Sources and types of conflict  
  • Responding constructively to conflict, and “hot buttons”
  • A collaborative approach to problem-solving
  • How to negotiate, respectfully, with your neighbour(s)
  • Two key skills that make “difficult conversations” go better
  • Managing conflict in long-term (i.e., co-op housing) relationships
  • Effectively communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Additional strategies that support co-op members’ conflict management and promote a healthy co-op

Workshop facilitator - Ben Ziegler

Ben is a conflict management and collaboration specialist and has mediated 600+ business and community disputes; court-based, online, and private. He conducts workshops, blogs (350+ articles), and has authored 3 e-books; on conflict management, collaboration, and x-cultural communication topics. He is a member of the BC Mediator Roster, a Certified Workplace Fairness Analyst, and certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment instrument. He is an Associate Faculty (Justice Studies) member at Royal Roads University. 

October 28, 2017 - 2:45pm - 4:45pm
Co-op basics
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