Holding Friends Accountable (New) - Spring Education Conference 2018

No one follows through on their commitments every time, but what is it that makes us want to? Co-op culture can encourage or discourage accountability. Come find out how friends and neighbours can hold each other accountable, without naming and shaming.

In this workshop you will learn what co-op traits enhance and hurt accountability. Also find out what qualities and skills we personally need to create positive results, and what conversational structures will facilitate our goals.

Spoiler alert: tracking down the guilty is not an option on the table in this workshop.

Workshop Facilitator: Larry Birckhead
Larry has a background in community mental health and behaviour change (with an M.A. in psychology) and his area of expertise is in organizational development and training. In addition to his experience on the board of directors, maintenance committee, and membership committee at his own co-op, Marine Court, he has applied his organization development capacities to Co-operative Housing Federation of BC’s (CHF BC’s) Education Program since 2008 offering a range of workshops, as well as expertise in board coaching and trouble-shooting.

April 14, 2018 - 2:15pm - 4:45pm
Good governance and principled leadership
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