Maintenance savvy members

Your property and buildings are the co-op's most important asset.

Is your co-op doing what's needed to maintain that asset, keep it looking good and make sure you won't have serious repair problems in the future? Sure, you need skilled professionals to get great maintenance results. But that doesn't mean there's not a role for members in keeping your co-op in good repair.

We'll focus on areas of maintenance where members can play an important role to:

  • detect items that need repair before problems get serious and more costly
  • identify preventive and routine repair needs
  • educate members on how to recognize and report problems
  • make sure the move-out and move-in process runs smoothly and successfully.

We'll provide a model for unit turnover, from the time a member gives notice until a new member has moved into an attractive unit in good repair.

This includes unit inspection and assessment of the departing member's responsibility, maintenance follow-up, and sample forms and procedures -- all designed to make sure your co-op has a unit ready in good shape and on time, without any vacancy loss.

With photos and examples, you'll leave this workshop ready to make your members much savvier about maintenance.

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