So what’s the plan? Tackling the year(s) ahead

Everyone says they understand the importance of planning, but it’s a rare co-op board that actually holds an annual planning session.

Co-ops that practise good planning have healthier finances and happier members. Why? Good planning allows a board to identify priorities for the coming year and for years to come. It ensures that there are trained people and money set aside to turn those priorities into results, now and after the end of a co-op's operating agreement. In short, it’s the key to a successful future.

We’ll show you how to create an annual plan that works. And you’ll take home planning tools that will help your co-op make annual planning a habit. 

 We can provide a facilitator at an hourly rate to lead your board through its annual planning session. Or a workshop leader can deliver this workshop at your co-op so that you can learn how to run your annual planning session yourself.

Available as a portable workshop

Planning for the future