2015 Property Assessment Increases: Notes for co-ops in the appeal process

UPDATE #5, April 15.

CHF BC invited co-ops participating in the property assessment appeal review to a meeting with real estate consultant, Peter Austin, on Monday, April 11. It was a lively Question and Answer session, and participating co-ops have until April 28 to advise Peter whether they wish to pursue options other than those outlined in the review letters sent out last week. If your co-op is continuing with the appeal process, remember that there are administrative and other fees the co-op will take on. Please contact Peter Austin directly for more details.

UPDATE #4, April 2.

Initial reports will be available for participating co-ops (see list below) by April 10th. Co-op representatives with questions and who want to speak with the property assessment consultant can attend the CHF BC offices for a Question & Answer session on April 13 to be held in the CHF BC conference room. The session will start at 7:00 pm sharp (and may last until 8:30 pm).

Pre-registration is not required, but if you do plan to attend, please inform Michael Rodgers.

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UPDATE #3, March 4.

In January 2015, it became clear that a number of co-ops were seeing large increases in their property assessments. CHF BC invited member co-ops that had observed such increases to work with the federation to determine the practicality of launching appeals.

About two dozen co-ops from three municipalities responded to the invitation (before the cut-off date), and there were significant enough numbers to support further group efforts in two municipalities.

CHF BC engaged a property assessment specialist. The consultant agreed to review the broader situation in the two most-affected areas (Richmond and the east side of Vancouver). The federation agreed to pay for this. The initial work on this has been completed for Vancouver, and is wrapping up for Richmond. All the co-ops that were eligible and consented had appeals filed by the consultant.

Additionally, the consultant agreed to prepare property-specific analyses of interested co-ops (a) to determine whether there were good grounds to argue against the proposed assessment increases and (b) to provide the basis for the consultant to makes submissions to BC Assessment where warranted. Interested co-ops agreed to provide background documentation and pay for the individual property reviews and potentially pay for discussions with the Assessment Authority.

In the short term, the BC Assessment Authority’s numbers will stand. Co-ops are not expected to send representatives to the Property Assessment Review Panel hearings.

Work for interested co-ops is on-going, and is targeted to appeals at the Appeal Board (second-level review).

By the first week in April, all the background materials will have been reviewed and summaries will be made available to interested co-ops the second week of April, with recommendations (on an individual basis) of whether appeals should be continued.

For co-ops that are recommended as having good grounds to appeal and that chose to proceed, the consultant can file a second level appeal to the Appeal Board (by April 30). The process of review and appeal will continue for some time. More updates to follow.

UPDATE #2, February 3. The deadline to appeal this year's property assessment has passed.

UPDATE #1, February 2: CHF BC will take existing potential appeal cases forward to the filing stage, but is not accepting any more. If you've already submitted documentation, you'll hear from the Federation this week about next steps. If you haven't and are still interested in filing your own appeal, today is the last day that is possible.

BC Assessment sent out its 2015 Property Assessment Notices earlier this month, and some co-ops have noticed a significant increase from last year.

Small increases are expected, but CHF BC has learned that for some co-ops the increases are higher than usual — 25% or more. At this point, we are not certain whether there are good grounds to make appeals, but we know that action is needed quickly if a co-op wants to appeal its assessment.

CHF BC is working with an experienced real estate consultant to determine whether a group appeal makes sense. That consultant is willing to file appeals both for Richmond area co-ops and any other Federation member co-op that has noted assessment increases of 25% or more, without further obligation.

If your co-op falls into either of those categories and you are interested in investigating an appeal with CHF BC, please send a copy of its 2015 Property Assessment Notice to Michael Rodgers, Co-op Viability Director (email: mrodgers@chf.bc.ca; fax: 604-879-4611) by 9 AM, Monday, February 2, 2015.

If your co-op is interested in the general appeals process, there is more information on the BC Assessment website. Even if you choose to file an appeal on your own, the deadline is February 2, 2015.