Change to the Co-operative Act impacts filing - October 29, 2012

Change to the Cooperative Association Act

Please note that the province has amended section 15 of the Cooperative Association Act.  This amendment removes the requirement that the registrar review a co-op’s rules to determine if they meet the requirements of the Act.  Instead, the registry will only keep co-op rules on file for public access. 

This change will come into effect on November 1, 2012.  This means that changes to existing rules (or rules for the incorporation of new co-ops) will not be examined for compliance after that date.

Note: Co-op rules must still comply with the Act.  This change means that the onus has shifted to co-ops to ensure that their rules comply.  If you are changing your rules, don’t forget to consult your lawyer, management company or CHF BC for advice.

What's Happening

Send a delegate to the CHF BC AGM on December 1!

Upcoming Events

November 3
Island Education Day

November 19
Member Forum

December 1
Annual General Meeting


Links Co-op in Nelson celebrates 20 years

Links Co-op is the only housing co-op in Nelson. The members of this 31-unit row-house style co-op celebrated their 20th anniversary last weekend. The story of their celebration was covered in their local newspaper, The Nelson Star.

Congratulations to Links for 20 years of co-operative community living!

Come to the Co-operative City Conference on November 23!

Co-operative enterprise can provide a powerful boost to Vancouver's vision of becoming the "greenest city" by 2020. That's the subject of the Co-operative City Conference on November 23.  The Conference will showcase the many ways a co-operative business model can support sustainability. It will also feature conversations about concrete opportunities for strategic partnerships between the City and co-operatives to increase sustainability in areas such as:
  • Arts and culture
  • Local food systems
  • Affordable housing
  • Green industry
  • Community energy

The conference is being held in recognition of 2012 as the UN International Year of Co-operatives. You'll find examples of co-ops and sustainability at presentations and workshops, and site visits where participants will see the co-operative model in action: creating community, making connections, and reducing waste.

Get conference details and register.

For more information, please contact Rita Farkas at or Brad Boyce at 

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Housing Sustainable Management Forest IYC 2012 Initiative

The ICA Housing is calling all co-operatives to support its Sustainable Management Forest IYC 2012 Initiative to protect the forests of the world. A majority of ICA members got behind a resolution to protect the forests of the world at their November 2011 General Assembly including tropical forests as "one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions, preserve biodiversity and wildlife habitat and support forest communities."

Learn more in the ICA Housing e-newsletter for August 2012