CHF BC Essentials - April 15, 2014

BC Housing tackles over-housing in ILM co-ops

BC Housing has written to all 59 co-ops with Rent Supplement Agreements under the ILM co-op program to announce changes in its approach to over-housing in subsidized co-op homes.

Effective April 1, 2015, if members in rent-assisted units are over-housed according to BC Housing’s occupancy standards, their rent subsidy will be reduced to the amount they would receive in a unit appropriate for their household size. This means that subsidized members who remain over-housed will pay a surcharge on top of their assisted rent.
Not all ILM co-ops will be affected by this announcement, but BC Housing is allowing a full year of transition for those who are. Co-ops with specific questions should contact BC Housing to discuss.

What's Happening

Calling all Richmond Co-ops - You Hold the Key on April 28!

You Hold the Key video contest!

CHF BC's You Hold the Key Campaign launched the "It's the end (of agreement) as we know it" video contest at the Co-op Housing Education Conference last Saturday.

All eligible videos will be posted to the CHF BC YouTube channel so that decision-makers like Housing Minister Rich Coleman – and your co-op members – can see just what’s at stake. All you have to do is put yourself in the picture!

Keep it clean and safe, illustrate the effect of the loss of government subsidies on your co-op community, make it fun, and make it go viral! 

Deadline is April 30 at 4:30 pm.