CHF BC Essentials - July 3, 2012

Co-op Housing Summer BBQ - celebration and fun for everyone

On Saturday, June 23 CHF BC and CHF Canada members from across the Lower Mainland came together for an afternoon of barbecue treats, carnival games, face painting and races at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver. This was the sixth annual Co-op Housing Summer BBQ. The group also took a moment to celebrate the International Year of Co-operatives – and eat cake in honour of CHF BC's 30th anniversary.


What's Happening

Members enjoy fun and games at the Co-op Housing Summer BBQ on June 23.

Upcoming Events

September 10
Member Forum 

Meet Michael - CHF BC's Co-op Viability Advisor

CHF BC is pleased to introduce Michael Rodgers, CHF BC’s Co-op Viability Advisor.
Michael will provide support to help CHF BC’s member housing co-ops prepare for life after government operating agreements expire. He will assist co-ops with planning and achieving the goals of the 2020 Vision program, and help them find options to secure their long-term future.
With a broad-based background that includes degrees in law and some recent experience helping a leaky co-op tackle its building envelope issues, Michael comes well prepared to assist housing co-ops as they prepare for the future.
“Co-ops face change and challenges – especially over the next few years – but there will also be new opportunities,” says Michael. “I look forward to working with co-ops and other staff members at CHF BC to help strengthen our member housing co-ops.”
To learn how Michael can help your co-op, contact him at or 604-879-5111 (1-866-879-5111) ext. 153.


Take the Model Rules Survey!

CHF BC invites your co-op's feedback on the current Model Rules and Occupancy Agreement.
Many members have told us that the model is the single most valuable education resource that the Federation has ever developed for housing co-ops in BC.  If your co-op has changed its Rules anytime since the middle of 2002, you are most likely using the CHF BC model.
It's ten years since CHF BC first introduced the Model Rules and Occupancy Agreement and we would like to know how they are working for you and how they could be improved.
We are currently working on a complete review of the model with the goal of producing a new version by the end of 2012. While the model has definitely stood the test of time, over the years we have become aware that some sections could be changed to reflect more commonly accepted best governance practices.  
If your co-op hasn’t completed the survey yet, please get in touch and ask to take part.Contact Sue Moorhead at or 604-879-5111 (1-866-879-5111) ext. 136 for the link to the survey.
We will compile the survey results to produce a snapshot of the Rules currently used by housing co-ops in BC.

RONA named in lists of most socially responsible Canadian companies

According to Maclean’s/Sustainalytics 2012 list RONA is one of the 50 most socially responsible companies in CanadaThe CHF BC Group Buying partner for maintenance supplies is also named in the Corporate Knights 11th annual list of the best Canadian corporate citizens. CHF BC members get discounts on a wide range of items and services when they shop for their co-op's maintenance supplies at RONA.