CHF BC Essentials - June 13, 2012

Join in the fun and celebration at the Co-op Housing Summer BBQ!

Join us on Saturday, June 23, for our annual gathering of CHF BC and CHF Canada members at a barbecue picnic lunch with fun, games and prizes at Vancouver's Trout Lake. Does your co-op plan to come? Let us know: or 604-879-5111 ext. 133.

What's Happening

Enjoy good food, fun and games at the Co-op Housing Summer BBQ on June 23!

Upcoming Events

June 23
Co-op Housing Summer BBQ 

Sept 10
Member Forum  


CHF Canada elects new president, new director from BC at AGM in Niagara Falls

BC housing co-ops were well-represented at the CHF Canada AGM in Niagara Falls last week.  More than 30 co-op members from BC took part in the multi-day schedule of workshops and meetings. The national federation now has another director from BC.  Paloma Housing Co-op's Pat McClain won a spot as a director-at-large on the CHF Canada board.  Wes Hosler of Lore Krill Housing Co-op in Vancouver stepped down from his role as at-large director and president.  CHF Canada's new president is BC's regional director, Anne Davidson of Granville Gardens Housing Co-op in Richmond. CHF BC's president, Catherine Porter of Pine Ridge Housing Co-op in Burnaby, was re-elected to CHF Canada's Finance and Audit Committee. Glen Armstrong of Pine Ridge Housing Co-op in Burnaby continues on the CHF Canada board as an at-large director.

Congratulations all!