CHF BC Essentials - October 28, 2016

Have you registered yet?

Register a delegate for CHF BC's Annual General Meeting which will be held in Richmond on Sunday, November 20. At our meeting, members will join the national online forum Our Movement, Our Future and lend their voice to our vision for the future of the co-op housing movement in Canada. This member forum session will be hosted by CHF Canada.  To get things started, you can share your ideas with co-op members all across Canada.  Check out the CHF Canada’s latest Enews.

This will be unlike any AGM in CHF BC’s history. You can find the registration package online and see information coming to your co-op in the mail very soon, to find out why.

You’ll be amazed at how effective a collective voice can be in building a stronger co-op housing sector across Canada. 

What's Happening

Give your input on this national dialogue "Our Movement. Our Future, Voicing our vision" at our AGM on November 20