Countdown to election day - October 11, 2015

Get out and vote co-op housing!

You’ve seen the polls. In a tight race, voters in B.C. will likely decide who forms the next government. Every vote counts. You have the power to help protect seniors, people with disabilities, single parents and others caught in the co-op housing crunch. So get out there and vote co-op housing! Advance Polling started October 9 and continues to October 12. Not sure you’re registered or where to vote? Elections Canada has the answers.


You can do your part to get the co-op housing vote out. Set up a display in your common room reminding members it’s Election Day and ask them if they’ve voted yet. Or why not bring a neighbour with you to the polls? Remember: You Hold the Key.

Getting Key issues on the campaign agenda

Champions from B.C. co-ops are putting the Key issues on the federal election agenda in a big way. Three of the four major political parties have policies to help fix the co-op housing crunch, including federal funding for provincially-delivered rent supplement programs for our low-income members. And You Hold the Key campaign issues are making headlines across the country

Photo above: (L to R) Saanich Councillor Fred Haynes, Saanich-Gulf Islands' candidates Alicia Cormier (NDP) , Tim Kane (Liberal), CHF BC president Patty Shaw, and standing in for Saanich-Gulf Islands' candidate Elizabeth May, Elysia Glover (Green) all holding the key at a co-op housing event in Saanich on October 8.

Election Events


7 pm


7 pm


7 am to 7 pm

Why vote co-op housing?

Need more info? Want to find ways to make sure all your co-op's members get out and vote? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3...


1. Ask your candidates where they stand on federal funding for provincially-delivered rent supplement programs for our low-income members with CHF Canada's online tool.

2. On the Island: Attend the Vancouver Island Council meeting, October 14 at 7 pm for an update on the Key issues and brainstorm ways to get the co-op vote out.

3. In Richmond: Come to the “Vote Co-op Housing!” meeting for Richmond Co-ops, Oct. 15, 7pm, at Greenland Co-op. Learn how you can help protect low-income co-op members.


There’s more information on the You Hold the Key campaign website, including videos of co-op members speaking up on why this time they’re voting co-op housing.


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And on October 19, vote co-op housing! Remember: You hold the key!

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