Delegate Handbook online - November 27, 2012

AGM this Saturday - delegate handbook online now!

There's still time to register a delegate for this Saturday's CHF BC Annual General Meeting, but don't delay! This is our last big event of the year, and our 30th AGM.The complete AGM registration package was mailed to your co-op and is available online.

And if you want to run for a seat on the board or finance committee the deadline for submitting your nomination form is tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28 at 4:30 pm.

You can also expect:

  • A review of our accomplishments including an update on our International Year of Co-operatives legacy projects
  • Resolutions that will shape the future of CHF BC
  • A review of our platform for the upcoming 2013 provincial election
  • A preview of what's planned for next year
  • Lunch and birthday cake to celebrate CHF BC’s 30th anniversary
  • The best prize draws ever
For those already registered, the Delegate Handbook is now online. If you'd like a hard copy, let us know and we'll bring one for you to pick up at the meeting. If you have any questions about registration please contact Cathy Miceli at or 604-879-5111 (1-866-879-5111) ext. 140.

Don't delay. Join us on Saturday for a meeting you won't soon forget.


What's Happening

CHF BC members look forward to debate on resolutions and much more at the AGM this Saturday.

Upcoming Events

December 1
Annual General Meeting

Victoria by-election a win for NDP

A by-election Monday in the federal riding of Victoria saw a win for NDP candidate Murray Rankin. Rankin replaces retiring NDP MP Denise Savoie.

CHF BC asked its 14 member housing co-ops in the riding (more than 500 co-op homes) to vote for the candidate who will support housing co-ops and work effectively with the co-operative housing sector to achieve our goals now and in the future.
Today nearly 200,000 Canadian households depend on assistance from the federal government to pay their rents under operating agreements with housing co‑ops and other non-profit and public housing providers developed under federal housing programs in the 1970s and 1980s.  Some of these agreements have already ended and we are quickly approaching the day in 2020 when most of them will end.
The federal government can help us by:

  1. Guaranteeing that existing funding for housing assistance will be maintained when federal operating agreements expire.
  2. Developing a long-term plan to share in the cost of provincially-delivered rent supplement programs so that low-income households in co-op and non-profit housing are protected when federal operating agreements end.

During his campaign Rankin said, "We need more affordable housing, more incentives to developers for more rental and co-operative housing. We need a full suite of options, now it's condos or nothing."  Read more in the Vancouver Sun profile.

We encourage members to continue to ask their representatives — at all levels of government — where they stand on these important questions.