Happy New Year! - January 14, 2016

Don't miss our scheduled workshops starting this month

For the first time, CHF BC is offering scheduled workshops in the Vancouver office throughout the year. These are offered in addition to our Spring and Fall Education Conferences, and our Island Education events (an Island Education Evening is offered this month).

You can sign up for any of the scheduled workshops now, with discounts if your co-op registers for six or more workshops in the calendar year.

The first workshop of the season is the in-demand Membership Terminations workshop scheduled for Tuesday next week where participants willl: 

  • Learn about the basic legal framework for termination of membership in a housing co-op
  • Be able to identify the conditions for successful membership terminations
  • Review the necessary steps and proper procedures
  • Have the opportunity to discuss how to avoid termination of membership
  • Be able to ask questions about specific situations.
This is closely followed by the second workshop of the season, Investments 101 — a FREE for members workshop on February 2. This is sponsored by Encasa Social Investment Program and includes dinner.

Come along to find out:

  • Why co-ops might want to invest their reserves
  • The different types of investments available
  • Why you might consider some investments rather than others
  • Critical elements of a long-term investment strategy
  • How to balance risk and return
  • What investment options are available for housing co-ops in today’s market

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