Have you seen the Key Campaign mini-magazine yet? - August 19, 2014

Why not grill your elected representative on the Key issues at a co-op BBQ?

Got the end-of-agreement, expiry-of-rent-subsidy blues? Don’t let this be a summer of discontent for your co-op!  What better reason for throwing a party?  Inviting your MLA to a summer barbeque at your co-op is a great way to show your elected representative your community and grill them on where they stand on the You Hold the Key campaign. We’ve come up with a simple guide for a co-op barbeque party to ensure your MLA is fed both in body and mind. So, with apologies to Martha Stewart, Nigella Lawson and the rest, please check it out. And don’t forget to invite us — the YHTK Campaign team loves a good barbeque...



Here they are, baby signed, sealed, delivered and yours! The Key campaign mini-mag is in the mail


With no apologies to Stevie Wonder, here they are — letters to each and every MLA along with a copy of our mini-magazine that details the co-op housing crunch. Signed, sealed and delivered, they’re yours! In fact, the Key campaign has sent out the mini-magazine to all MLA's and MPS in the province. The magazine spells out the challenges posed by the end of operating agreements and proposes a solution to our provincial decision-makers. So wait a minute, Mr. (or Ms.) Postman — we’ve got a letter for your bag addressed to folks like Housing Minister Rich Coleman, Premier Christy Clark and all 85 MLAs in the Legislative Assembly as well as all the BC MPs. And hurry back — another bunch to our civic politicians is ready to mail too...

Have you seen the Key Campaign mini-mag yet? Don't miss this summer blockbuster must-read! We sent copies to all co-ops in the province so look for one at your co-op - or check it out online.


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Don’t forget – text, tweet, talk, write!


Want to send Housing Minister Rich Coleman a message? Grab the ear of your MLA or MP? The You Hold the Key campaign can help. Check out the “What You Can Do” section of our website to find out how you can talk to, text, tweet and write your elected officials, media outlets and your friends on social media. Let them know what’s at stake. And don't forget to show some resolve and pass a resolution at your co-op to support the campaign - and then let the YHTK campaign know!

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