How to grill your MP: our Summer 2015 BBQ primer - July 17, 2015

The Co-op Guide to the MP BBQ, or:

How to grill your federal candidates on the Key issues 

Want to get the jump on the federal election campaign?

Take advantage of the Canadian political summer salad day tradition by joining the barbeque circuit. Check out our simple guide for a co-op barbeque party so you can grill your would-be MPs on where they stand on the You Hold the Key campaign.

Get the lead out:

Show some resolve!

Number 82 in the periodic table is the element lead -- exactly what we want you to get out! Get moving and show some resolution to fix the co-op housing crunch to fix the co-op housing crunch. So far, 82 B.C. housing co-ops representing over 5,000 households passes a resolution to support the You Hold the Key Campaign. Check out our easy “How-to Guide” on the YHTK Campaign webpage.

Key Campaign making headlines

CHF BC President Patty Shaw made headlines on Vancouver Island. Executive Director Thom Armstrong has been a hit on radio and TV.  Even Government Relations Director Darren Kitchen has made the newspaper pages. They carry the news -- check out the YHTK Campaign news page. And we’re all over social media: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check out our YouTube channel. Remember: You hold the key!


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