Island Education Evening in January! - December 23, 2015

Come to the first ever Island Education Evening

Join us for the first ever Island Education Evening on Wednesday, January 20 from 6 to 9:30 pm for a light dinner and:

End of operating agreements: the essential checklist workshop

Many co-ops don’t know how to start planning for the end of their operating agreements. How can we ensure that our homes and communities remain affordable and sustainable? How can we plan for a future with so many unknowns? We can make things easier with our essential checklist of critical issues and options. We’ll review current and future challenges and discuss how you can mobilize your members and other resources to tackle them. We hope that you will leave the workshop feeling more knowledgeable and more confident that you’re ready to help your co-op face the challenges of the future.

The Island Education Evening will be held at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Elk Lake.

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Wednesday, January 20
Island Education Evening