Let’s fix the co-op housing crunch in this federal budget! - February 9, 2016

Let’s fix the co-op housing crunch in this federal budget!

Finance Minister Bill Morneau wants your advice on what he should include in the next federal budget. Let’s ask him to keep the Liberal campaign promise to fix the co-op housing crunch. Send Minister Morneau the message that we need a federally-funded, provincially-delivered rent supplement program for low-income co-op members. Speak up on behalf of our most vulnerable members:

“There are 21, 000 low-income households in federally-funded housing co-operatives across Canada currently receiving rental assistance. But the federal funding that provides this assistance is ending. We urgently need a new rent supplement program to replace those expiring subsidies. Please fix the co-op housing crunch in Budget 2016.”

And don’t forget to email your MP too!

Making it short and Tweet...

Send Minister Morneau and your MP this tweet with these hashtags:


“21,000 low-income co-op households across Canada need help: fix the co-op housing crunch! #protectcoops #PBC16”



“Fund new rent supplement programs for low-income co-op members #protectcoops #PBC16”


Give Morneau a hail by snail mail - send a letter, no postage required:


It’s free to send letters to MPs, so why not cut and paste the text from the email above and send it to:


Hon. Bill Morneau

Minister of Finance

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6


If we all work together, the next federal Budget Day might unlock the solution we've all been working towards. Let's keep the feds' feet to the fire! 

Put some pressure on the province...


We still have to keep the pressure on the provincial government to deliver our proposed rent supplement program. Here’s how:


Show Some Resolve!


Pass a resolution supporting the campaign. It's like sending a mini-petition to Housing Minister Rich Coleman asking him to act now to fix the co-op housing crunch. All you have to do is:

Nearly 120 housing co-ops representing over 7,200 households have already passed a resolution. Add your co-op's name to the list of those that have "Shown Some Resolve."

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