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Semi-Annual General Meeting passes key resolution

The You Hold the Key Campaign is alive and well. 54 co-ops (representing 3521 households) have passed resolutions to support our campaign to win a provincial rent supplement program to replace disappearing federal rent subsidies. The same co-ops also sent copies of their resolutions to BC's Minister Responsible for Housing, Rich Coleman, and other elected officials. Then on Saturday, May 2 at our Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) delegates unanimously supported a resolution that asks CHF BC to keep the campaign pressure on by:
  • continuing to call on the province for a rent supplement program for low-income co-op households as federal agreements end,
  • ask the government of Canada to reinvest the savings from expiring federal subsidies by sharing the costs of this program with the province,
  • get a written commitment of support from all parties and candidates in the upcoming federal election, and
  • continue our campaign in partnership with CHF Canada and other regional federations across the country. 
Watch for a full report on all the exciting news from our SAGM coming soon.

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The campaign team moves into the next phase of our campaign re-energized and determined to get a provincial solution to the co-op housing crunch with support from the federal government. It is timely then that CHF Canada's new Program Manager, Government Relations from Ottawa, Dallas Alderson, will be in Vancouver on Monday at our Member Forum to share her "political Ottawa" insights on the upcoming federal election.

As always, our Member Forum is a great opportunity to connect with other co-op members, hear the latest news from your provincial and national federations and enjoy some fine snacks and refreshments.

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How you can help

Don’t forget to text, tweet, talk, write - and resolve!


Want to find other ways to send a message to Housing Minister Rich Coleman? Check out “What You Can Do” to find out how you can talk to, text, tweet and write your elected officials, media outlets and your friends on social media. Let them know what’s at stake.

Add your voice

Join the Resolution Revolution: ask your co-op to pass a resolution to support the campaign and send a copy to the Minister and your elected officials. You'll add your voice to the growing list of co-ops asking government to step up with a rent supplement solution for low-income co-op members.

Please send us a copy of your resolution too at!

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